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Build & Learn, Inc. is a Non-Profit Community Housing Development Organization

Build & Learn, Inc. was established in May 2008 as a community housing development organization to provide job training and assistance to veterans and disadvantaged citizens. Our mission: “ to assist eligible populations, to obtain affordable housing, skills for constructing affordable housing, and skills for living as productive citizens in their respective communities”.

Our purpose is to provide free job training for underprivileged men and women and for our students to become skilled technical tradesmen in the construction and maintenance industry.

Most trades schools and community colleges require a high school education or GED. Build & Learn works with individuals who did not finish high school. We meet students where they are in regards to reading, math, and communication levels.

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Developing a program to assist Veterans

Build & Learn considers helping veterans as a critical part of our goals, mission and purpose. We hope to add the necessary staff members in order to become effective advocates. No one is more aware of the unfair, disgraceful and un-American treatment our veterans receive than our staff. We are veterans who have been dealing with the Veterans Administration and all of its unbelievable poor services for decades. I cannot expect to have success with this encumbered bureaucracy trying to do it on my own. I want to rally the community to provide various types of assistance for my fellow comrades though training, housing, healthcare and spiritual wellness. By the way, Build & Learn’s secretary from day one has been Sergeant Phyllis Kennard who has served in the army (active duty) for over twenty years and continues to serve in the Reserves. We understand first-hand the veterans we serve and their many challenges. We are extremely grateful for our new partnership with the Maury County Veterans Service Office and the assistance of Mr. James Patterson, County Service Officer.

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To become a volunteer, sponsor, donate materials or supplies or obtain additional information, click on the contact us link or email buildlearn@yahoo.com.

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